Mountain biking with a view of Karakol city and Issyk-kul lake

Another option for the lovers of mountain biking – we offer you to go to the Sary-Beltyk mountain, located close to the Karakol, at the junction of three gorges – Karakol, Altyn-Arashan and Kashka-Suu. The convenient location of the place gives unlimited possibilities in designing routes of different complexity and duration! It has everything you need for the best mountain biking tour – comfortable descents, beautiful landscapes, picturesque plain with unique terrain and green scenery, stretching for several kilometers surrounded by mountains. Among the many possible routes, you can choose the perfect option, that suits your riding level.

We get to the starting point of a tour on comfortable car equipped with a bicycle trunk. At the very beginning of the way you will find a steep, but short climb to the mountain, from the top of which a panoramic view opens. Then starts real mountain route, which carries you down racing against the wind through the mountain paths and smooth hills! There are no sharp rocks, big stones and trees. From the beginning of the descent and until its end, you will have a beautiful view of Issyk-Kul lake, Karakol city and the nearest villages.

Route features:

Riding up on bike: 4 kilometers.
Riding down on bike: 7 kilometers.
Minimum height: 1920 meters.
Maximum height: 2453 meters.
Lifting / loss of altitude: 650 meters.
Average slope: 7%.
Maximum slope: 32%.




Bike rent and a protective helmet



1 person: 14 000

2 persons: 16 000

3 persons: 18 500

4 persons: 20 000

5 persons: 22 000

6 persons and more: by request