Biking tours in the beautiful areas of Jety-Oguz gorge

We will drive from Karakol to the starting point of the tour on a comfortable car, equipped with special trunk for bicycles. The route where we begin our journey on bikes is located from a fork in the direction of the Djety-Oguz and Lipenka villages ( this place can be easily found on the map).

The road to the gorge is not difficult, but with a slight climb. On the way, you will see the famous red rocks “Broken Heart” and “Seven Bulls”. With an average speed driving, we will be in the “valley of flowers” in an hour and half.

After reaching this point, we arrange a short rest for lunch and a walk to the Dragon Canyon. Then, we continue our way along the DJety-Oguz gorge and reach the merging point with the Telety gorge. There is a beautiful panoramic view of the Oguz Bashi mountain range, which closes the gorge with a peak of more than five thousand meters. Having a little rest, we go back along the same route. We will return to Karakol by the evening, at 4-5 pm.

Route features:

Total riding on bike: 50 kilometers.
Minimum height: 1688 meters.
Maximum height: 2508 meters.
Lifting / loss of altitude: 505 meters.
Average slope: 2%.
Maximum slope: 23%.




Bike rent and a protective helmet



1 person: 14 000

2 persons: 16 000

3 persons: 18 500

4 persons: 20 000

5 persons: 22 000

6 persons and more: by request