Freeride near Karakol – unlimited lifts on snowmobiles

Adventures begin at the foot of the slope, where located perfect places both for skiing and snowboarding. There are many options for skiing on fresh, pristine snow, and the slopes and tracks are cleaned from stones during summertime by the workers, in order to make the whole winter activity safe.

You will be accompanied by professional guides and instructors who will conduct a briefing on avalanche safety, will coordinate the process and help you if it is needed. Lifting up will be done on a powerful snowmobile!

Each snowmobile can lift up to four riders at a time (according to the ski lift principle). The price includes an unlimited number of lifts on a snowmobile. You can immerse yourself into a sea filled with emotions
not only from the skiing, but also from the lift to the slope!

Attention! This tour suits only those who have enough experience of freeriding.

Detailed information:

Minimum height: 2280 meters.
Average altitude: 2590 meters.
Maximum height: 2930 meters.
Snowmobile lifting distance: 3.7 kilometers.
Average length of descent: 3 kilometers.
Climbing height: 650 meters.
Maximum slope: 45%.
Average slope: 19%.


  • Transport service
  • Snowmobile with driver
  • Guide (instructor)

Does not include:

  • Food
  • Avalanche equipment (can be rented)
  • Ski equipment (can be rented)


4 persons: 33 000

5 persons: 39 000

6 persons: 45 000

7 persons: 55 000

8 persons: 61 000

9 persons: 72 000

10 persons: 78 000

11 persons and more: by request